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Our kiosk offers multiple engagement opportunities, empowering brands and marketers to interact with consumers in real-time through our customisable touchscreen interface with built in apps - just like your smart phone.  

We disrupt the current model and offer large potential ROI to advertisers.

BY OFFERING A SERVICE BOTH their audience, AND VENUES DEMAND- ALLOWING US TO Meet the potential consumer, with the relevant advertising, in their world with their permission. 


In all other OOH mediums the audience is still ‘spoken to’ - though they may not be able to opt out like other weaker mediums (ie switch radio off, turn down tv etc)- current DOOH still requires the attention of an audience -pedestrian or vehicular-to opt-in and engage in the one way message. 

Meaning their touch points are fewer, their reach and frequency is limited and their overall engagement is low and an inefficient ROI. Statistic show current DOOH is limited to around 16-18% effectiveness.

We can remove that limit and raise that ROI to over 30% effectiveness* by not speaking at the audience  by speaking WITH them. A two way interaction. Building a relationship rather than just an offering of a service or product. 


We remove the generally negative perception /barrier of advertising from our audience by offering them a service they want and are willing too exchange readily for interaction with an advertising message and the sharing of their data.

We are able therefore to meet the consumer in their world with their permission, not their annoyance- consequently the message is far more memorable, actionable, measurable and dramatically more profitable.

We can offer acute time and location specific targeting-  for example, if the State of Origin is on at one of the over 50 pub locations we have in south east old-and Queensland scores a TRY or wins the game our advertisers could immediately offer a message or CTA based on that live event. Or if QLD win the game the kiosks display ad could be a congratulatory message from a beverage client offering an in-house promotion due to the result, a ride share company could send out immediate “trip home” discounts or a fast-food client: “come to your local Maccas now with this … code for a free fries with every burger purchase.” Our app could send the same promotion to our users phones in that region. Immediate relevant personal interactions that guarantee high ROI and profit growth for advertisers.

As one of our advertising clients put it:


"klackit allows us to meet our customers or our next customers in their own world. Where our products are relevant to their specific needs. We sit in their space, their gym - and virtually “chat” about the idea of our protein supplements, get their direct feedback via in-ad surveys with the option to carry on the conversation through opt-in data. This intimacy is the golden ticket to us advertisers, like online ad relevance in the real world- all while our competitors through ‘traditional mediums- continue to wildly cast their lines into open sea hoping to hook a bite- shouting incoherently from the static bus shelter posters outside”.

Our media when used alone or in campaign collaboration with other existing mediums offers a high impact, high conversion- granular reach.

  • Our intimate level of personal customer interaction means we are able to provide agencies and advertisers with uniquely acute ROI measurement- almost immediate, accurate ad effectiveness measurement.

  • On top of that acute level of engagement and measurement the majority of our screens are located within high involvement traffic at acute point-of-purchase locations. ie shopping malls, pubs, hotel foyers, gyms and cafes. Most advertisers are currently paying for ads to generate ‘top of funnel’ traffic, their ROI is even farther away from being realized, because there’s no purchases at this stage most of the time. We put their brand and message at the register. 

  • High Conversion Rates: We effectively offer the engagement of online highly targeted data based ads with the high traffic of DOOH. A potent and hugely effective new advertising mix medium for advertisers. We already have the strongest market foothold in this real estate.

There is huge power in personal engagement; Which is why businesses are trying so hard to drive an audience to their social media- to create conversation- rather than a one way static message. When people interact with our medium they are building a relationship with the brand, the advertiser or sponsor. They are therefore more likely to recall it, return to it, tell others about it and to purchase it.


Traditional DOOH is unconfirmed audience interaction - no potential relevant retargeting- minimal key insights no personal data or accurate live measurement of ROI, no two way engagement with specific TA.


So what can we do specifically for your brand? We solve this “void”.

1. Our medium targets audience to a granular relevance,

2. at a high involvement point of purchase location,

3. re-target and follow up this potential customer,

4.track this audience - collect data and survey them,  

5.Measure the ads effectiveness, measure the ROI for advertisers in real time.


No one in the DOOH media landscape can currently offer this level of personal engagement at this scale. 

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