klackit™ is a new leading digital outdoor media company - trail blazing new forms of audience engagement and high-involvement interaction, to provide an unavoidable high impact advertising offering like no other.

We offer one of the fastest growing digital billboard networks in Australia. As innovators in digital technology and digital interactive solutions, we provide advertisers with data driven hyper engagement.

Of the many challenges that marketers face today, reaching the right audience at the right moment remains key. By combining point-of-purchase digital with our unique audience real-time data insights klackit™ is able to provide unparalleled brand to audience connectivity. The most compelling market ROI solution to brands, agencies and advertisers.


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Our digital inventory offers a new level of brand interaction & engagement. Unmatched in the current OOH media landscape.

Our Point of Difference.

klackit™ puts your brand in high involvement, high vis point-of-purchase locations. We are not shooting your message at a group hoping for a hit. Our interactive assests mean we acutely target your potential consumer and allow you to talk with them. Switching on the best digital assets in the best locations.

We have developed a product/service technology which overcomes the current limited reach & engagement of DOOH. Our audiences willingly engage with the our advertisers. We offer them a service they demand in exchange for their attention and action. We cut through the noise meeting your potential consumers in their world, with their permission. This exchange means you speak with, rather than at, a happily , highly engaged  audience. Increasing your ROI & marketing potency by up to 200% (ask us for the data), we call it PPE Permitted Personalised Engagement.

Whether you are building or activating your brand - We deliver a proven return on your advertising investment. Connecting your product/ service with new customers.

Leave us your details and we will get in touch. We look forward to hearing about your unique objectives and making them happen.