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Interactive smartphone charging & social media kiosk


Vimedia's vision and development of the interactive klack it (KLACK -IT ™) kiosk is to deliver value and impact for the OOH industry and those exploring opportunities for their brands.

klack it provides an essential multi – function smartphone charging option and social media gateway for a captive audience.

By combining multi functions into one single device, klack it offers real-time data driven content on each interactive kiosk. For the OOH Location-Marketing industry, this gives cut-through to the targeted audience with a dynamic, innovative and real-time experience.

The revolutionary interactive phone-charging, social media and Wi-Fi enabled klack it kiosk doubles as a selfie booth with its in-built webcam, giving further value and entertainment to Users, linking to all their critical social media accounts, and providing more opportunities for the OOH industry.

klack it is the latest value-add for high dwell-time locations. Wi-Fi and ATMs are standard in public locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Consumers depend on these and with the klack it ‘Kiosk Finder App’, Users will go to where they’re available.

In Australia, more than 84% of the population owns a smartphone (Source: Australia edition, Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, Jun – Jul 2016) All these people need to keep these charged to stay in touch. Beyond communication and fun, smartphones are critical to safety, security, health, welfare, education, finances and countless other genuine reasons to stay connected while out and about.

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Add value, gain loyalty and more

When you host a klack it kiosk in your venue, you gain loyalty, recognition and appreciation. And with klack it interactive on-board touch screen, plus the photo booth and uploading capability, the marketing and branding opportunities are virtually limitless.

It offers a mutually beneficial experience for Users, Hosts and Advertisers. Promote loyalty programs, upload venue event photos with sponsors to social media accounts. Advertise latest specials and competitions , distribute educational content or deliver important news and announcements.

Free for Users

klack it is a complimentary service to Users. Free phone charging makes it even more compelling for them and providing a pinpoint-targeted marketing opportunity for you.

Rapidly Growing Network

With every further installation across Australia and New Zealand, the klack it user base grows,increasing the size of the collective audience.

Through sophisticated data harvesting, klack it will put your targeted messages in front of the eyes that matter and into the right hands via smartphones. When consumers are most receptive.


klack it


The klack it it presents two separate – and potentially, combined – opportunities for businesses.

When connecting their smartphone to klack it it, consumers will be exposed to your brand for a minimum of 2 minutes or longer, depending on the charge required.

The interactivity and streaming of klack it it takes advantage of its captive audience to build brand awareness and encourage on-the-spot engagement, delivering instant, real time data for Advertisers.

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slim compact design

Slim Compact Design

klack it is the world’s most advanced, interactive, wall or floor mounted smartphone charging kiosk with selfie booth, photo sharing, on-board digital, and a real time advertising touch screen.

With its slimline depth, klack it fits on any wall without being physically intrusive.


Interactive LCD Screens with
High Quality Imaging

The klack it changes the smartphone charging experience by offering relevant, interactive content about advertised products, loyalty programs and special offers.

Where information or education are preferable to marketing, klack it makes it possible to deliver compelling messages directly to Users.


Interactive Charging Solution

State-of-the-art screens enable promotion of:
• Mobile app downloads
• Mobile game downloads
• QR codes
• SMS competitions
• Mobile marketing
• Increased engagement across all social media channels

slim compact design

Zero Maintenance

klack it requires zero attention from venue staff. It is robust, easy to use and fool proof. Maintenance is either performed via remote access or, rarely, by klack it personnel.

No more will customers request your staff to charge their phones.

Rapidly Growing Network

ViMedia Research Studies

ViMedia’s focus is to utilise as many resources as possible to gain the relevant insights required to ensure maximum ‘bang for buck’ for Advertisers. We continually conduct studies and market research and scour other sectors to illuminate additional possible opportunities, we understand that digital screens attract a much larger number of viewers than printed posters can do.

Understanding the behaviour and lifestyle patterns of audiences is essential for delivering successful marketing campaigns in different venue types and locations.


‘Phone Safe’ Security System

• 1300 VIMEDIA help line available 24/7
• 24/7 colour webcam on every kiosk
• Patented pin code lock-in system
• Back-up power and override system

klack it LOCK-it COLLECT-it

Choose from wall-mounted or standalone models to suit your venue.

Choose from wall-mounted or standalone models to suit your venue.


Wall Mounted klack it

wall kiosk wall kiosk wall kiosk wall kiosk

Free Standing klack it

station standing kiosk

Who is Visual Interactive Media Systems (ViMedia)?



ViMedia is the fastest growing media company in Australia and New Zealand that exclusively offers the klack it. An interactive wall mounted or standalone phone charging and social media kiosk, complete with photo booth and photo sharing capability, that is provided for complimentary use by patrons

Our company is owned and staffed by specialists who are highly experienced in technology, advertising media and ICT, and with a particular focus on product delivery – physical and virtual – through kiosk channels. Collectively, ViMedia is deeply focused on connectedness. We know that staying connected is critical to everyday life and any interruption to that can cause mild to extreme irritation. We have made it our mission to give smartphone users a free and easy method of keeping their smart phones charged. At the same time providing an effective interactive, marketing medium.

We have designed klack it to be an intelligent advertising portal, with Advertiser revenue subsidising the facility so that Users can enjoy free access. And all the while, Host venues are supporting the system by making them available to Users, and benefiting from the goodwill, whilst not being called upon and inconvenienced to provide ad hoc charging equipment.

All of this adds up to another form of connectedness. We call it The klack it 3 stage success model.


klack it 3 Stage Success Model

klackit 3 stage success model



Shopping Centres

  • High dwell time areas
  • Thoroughfares
  • Food courts
  • Cinemas
  • Carpark entrance
  • Concierge desk
  • Product ads
  • Food and beverage offers
  • Retailer promotions
  • Centre promotions
  • Cinema programming
  • Sponsored ads

Medical Facilities

  • Medical centre waiting rooms
  • Dental waiting rooms
  • Emergency departments
  • Chemists
  • Hospital wards
  • Hospital public areas
  • General waiting rooms
  • Allied health professionals
  • General medical info
  • Seasonal reminders
  • Health information
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Government campaigns
  • Health insurance


  • Bar Lounges
  • Pokies/gambling
  • ATM locations
  • Liquor barns
  • Games & lotteries
  • Food and beverage offers
  • Alcohol/soft drink products
  • Promos and specials
  • Upcoming events


  • University buildings
  • Staff rooms
  • Dormitories/student housing
  • Admin buildings
  • Food outlets
  • Auditorium
  • Campus gym
  • Product ads
  • Fast food Outlets
  • Campus announcements
  • Event Promo’s/Special offers
  • Telecommunications Banking / Financial Institutions

Airports / Train Stations

  • All gates
  • Lounges
  • Food courts
  • Baggage carousel
  • Retail precinct
  • Duty free
  • Food and beverage offers
  • Rental cars
  • Accommodation
  • Short/long term parking


  • Dining area
  • Pro shop
  • Locker area
  • Change rooms
  • Food and beverage
  • Retail offers
  • Box office retailers
  • Automotive
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Klack-Itklackit Locator App


We’ve created an app so that users can easily locate their nearest klack it and charge their smartphone for free. That means new customers will be coming your way who might otherwise not have called in to your business!

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